– I’d like to know you better – 

Join me on this fascinating journey to discover one another.
Some of you already know me by my artistic name – Aga Nina. The awesome thing is, as my best friend lately stated, that apparently – I’m a person of many names and many faces ;)) Awesome! At least it’s interesting and none of us gets ever bored 😉 🙂
While some of you have become familiar with me as Aga, Nina oder Nina Rose.

Well… I’m Aga Nina and it’s fantastic that you’re here, as a fan and a friend. As you might know by now, I produce my music, write lyrics, compose melodies, sketch – paint and design, all with a great passion and eagerness.
It’s my greatest hobby and the biggest love of all… right after my two little princesses. I’m probably just as passionate about the Music and Art, as you are, which makes it extremely exciting!!!
There are many other important professions in my life and I can assure you, I’ll mention them some time later. I’m delighted that we’re gonna embark together on this amazing journey. 

I‘d like to know you better is not a cliché nor a cheep marketing catch.

It’s only lately, that i realized this: my fans don’t actually know me well as a person, though they know my music very well. I could not believe it myself…and I? I don’t really know who my fans are, what is their story to tell… 
I’d like to know you better… I’d like to know your story, your ups and downs, your blessings and sorrowsShare your story with me and send it to 

Inspire me…

I am absolutely positive, that this blog of mine, will bring us closer and create a supportive and loyal family. Join the clan and enjoy the fun ;)))


AgaNina ;*

And You? Who would YOU be without Your Story?
I’d like to know You better, I’d like to know Your Story too…
Please send us your story, and a picture of your choice to

XoXo Nina

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