Sold my soul to Devil for talents…



It never comes to me during a day, at twilight or a dawn. No, it always comes when the night falls down and all of the noises silence. When every day’s roaring goes to rest. When it’s so quiet and peaceful, that you can clearly hear your breathing, heartbeat and thoughts shifting in the head.
It comes… It flows, slowly approaching, creeping like a little bug… caterpillar… looking for a place to hide.
Looking for a place to build its cocoon, to slowly do the work inside the wrap.
If you’re patient and persistent enough, you’ll get to be a part of it. You’ll get to see what’s been hiding behind the wail all this time.
But only, if you’re patient enough…

As I draw the last few subtle lines and complete the shading of stems and roses, something freezes my mind for a while.
All of the sudden I stop what I’ve been doing, sit back and stare in amusement at almost completed drawing in front of me. It’s been hours since I commenced sketching it with my compass and a pencil. I totally lost track of the time a while ago. It almost fells as if time stood still… It stood still…
My hand can’t hold the pencil anymore and eyes beg for well-deserved rest, feeling a weight of the world at this moment in time lids close automatically by themselves. Although, it’s not finished yet, I stop what I’m doing. My body have reached its limit for the day, my mind hits a wall where no thoughts flow anymore, and it feels… blissful.
The – somehow – energizing – my soul – fluids of excitement, self-content and happiness stream though my body. It’s now time for a rest and I’m almost falling unconscious, though I’m still stuck in my chair… staring at the work – thinking “It’s almost finished”…

Yes indeed, The Biggest Inspirations always come at night time.
Is it peace that night brings to you when everybody else in the household slows down, tucks in bed and drifts away?
Or is it indeed some demonic power taking over you, right there… in the dark… capturing all of the senses. It almost feels as if some higher energy was going through your body in that very moment. The words appear on the paper, the melodies come out, and the lines you draw with a pencil merge, shaping a unique creation… The process begins and you can’t release yourself from alluring clutches of the Muse, hypnotizing without a regret.

I recall, reading a couple of articles lately and watching some interviews, surprisingly touching this very topic – “I sold my soul to Devil for talents”.
I didn’t think much of them at the time and it was rather amusing and entertaining, then anything else. Some of the mainstream artists/singers/musicians confessing giving up to the darker force, making a pact with Lucifer and/or selling their souls to Devil in return for talents. Most of them crying a river in front of the camera, admitting their weaknesses and sins, admitting the crimes they’ve committed to their own art. Revealing, that in return for the fame and fortune, for their talents – they had bargained their souls – indeed selling themselves to the Lord of the Darkness himself.As my eyes and fingers have already refused working on the piece of my art tonight, I still remain numb thinking about that all. Having almost completed my work, my creation, I wonder with curiosity…
Have I too, sold my soul to Devil for talents?Just like them? Have I? Is it even possible?

Why even the smallest thought of this propaganda makes me burst in laughter, and I go louder and louder as if I couldn’t control myself at all… LOL…The “logic” of it sounds so extremely ridiculous and I’m reluctant to question everything right now…It can’t be… obviously it can’t… Can it? 😉 

I believe that we are all born with our talents… whether they get discovered, whether we enlarge, multiply and embrace them by putting it all to work, that’s a different story…
Though each and every one of us is talented in their own specific way. Some have been blessed with more, others with less talents… it doesn’t necessarily put you in a box with a ‘xyz-class stuff’… and it certainly should not!!!
If working on and with your talents makes you feel complete, makes you feel like you’ve touched the deepest most hidden parts of your soul… Brings your self-esteem up and gives you the reason to wanna go further… farther, higher and beyond your so called limits…
Then how could it possibly be coming from any devilish force?

Spirituality is a substantial part of our lives, which we still try to grasp and learn to understand… so let us focus on the brighter side instead of lingering in the shade of our own geniuses, neglecting them… Let us focus on the brighter side! 

Have I sold my soul to Devil then….?
Or have I simply unlocked its doors years ago, left wide open for little Angels to come over every so often and whisper here and there… whisper straight into my ear… embracing the art… keep bringing it to life… in the night.


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