Clan Members

Aleks (Aleksandar Antov), piano and classical singing.

In 2016 Aleks accompanied Nina through to the finals in the Singer / Songwriter Contest organised by Folkclub Hattersheim (Germany – Hessen). During 2016 and 2017 he accompanied Nina at diverse concerts where they presented Nina’s own songs along with covers appropriate to the various events. Aleks participated in the video Holy Water.

Aleks and Nina have also worked together writing “Every day, Every time” where Aleks composed the Music and Nina wrote the lyrics.


Arek (Arkadiusz Rosa), Guitarist, Composer, Producer.

Inspired by Hard Rock and Heavy Metal cult bands, Arek plays Classical and Electric Guitar

Arek and Nina have worked together for many years on diverse projects. Performing on stage and in the Studio creating Singer/Songwriter projects as a duo or with Arek as part of Nina’s support band. 


Dimi, (Dmytro Ivchenko) guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer.

Dymtro, a successful Ukranian songwriter worked closely together with Nina during 2016 and 2017. Together they composed two songs
“Light’s Changing” and “Gravity”, and made a number of live appearances in Frankfurt and district.

Dmytro is currently concentrating on his solo music and has completed a new single “When Souls Collide” and released the Album called “The Lost Souls Road” by Inversum.


Jacek ‘Markus’ Markuszewski (J.Markus) – Drummer, composer and producer, founder and owner of the JM Records Studio.

Jacek is a well known sessions musician and has worked with many popular musicians. Since 2014 Jacek has been collaborating with Nina on studio productions for Nina Rose Music projects.


Jarosław Pawlicki – Bass guitarist.

A professional musician Jarosław performs with well known bands on international projects.

Since 2014 Jarosław has been participating in the Nina Rose Music studio original projects, supporting Nina’s musical arrangements on Bass, in the compositions like “If We Ever”, “Holy Water” or “I’m Coming Home” and more. Jarosław also joined in the studio recordings of the first Arozavitch EP, to be released in 2018.


Niko Rosa,

Videographer, Senior Cameraman & Video Editor of “Holy Water”, “I’m Coming Home” and “Sycylianka dla Niny”


Paweł Tymiński, singer, composer and guitarist, the finalist of The Voice of Poland.

Paweł participated in the 6th Voice of Poland and worked with Nina recording the single “Come to me” / “Komm zu mir”. Singing a duet together with Nina, adding a specific edge to this romantic composition.